Healing Touch NZ, April 2020
Greetings to You All
The everyday life of us all, within the family of Healing Touch, and within the world as a
whole, has been disrupted to the point where many of us can say that the life we have
known has stopped.
At this moment we are “on hold”, in a state of stop and wait, reflect and connect with
While energy consciousness has been a part of our lives, that are at present are on pause,
that same energy consciousness maybe the direction in which the whole world will begin to
move, as movement again carries forward the life emerging.
By choosing to have a connection with Healing Touch in New Zealand and across the world,
we have selected one of many ways in which we have introduced, and then grown and
expanded, an understanding of ourselves as energy beings.
We are composed of energies, and we live in a sea of energies.
As Healing Touch students, practitioners and instructors, how are we utilising our early
learnings with Healing Touch, in a way that supports our balanced state of wellbeing at this
time of change which appears to be steering our direction into life ahead? We have all
learned of four particular energy principles which we may well use in our regular, everyday
lives, and can certainly benefit from their practical applications for our wellbeing, now.
Centring – ensures that we are present in the moment, connected within our inner self, and
open to the universal energy.
Attuning – is a process of entering into an energetic relationship, in this case, with
Intention – energy follows intention and at this time may well be “asking” that this
experience unfolds for your “highest good”.
Grounding – supports our ability to be present and connected to the earth.
At this time, as well as utilising our knowing, skills, and experience to work with people at a
distance, we are also able to focus on our own well-being as individuals’ beings, in the
various communities in which we exist.
To look upon ourselves with a heart-centred presence and trust, and holding an intention
for our own highest good, is a gift we may give to ourselves, and one that we may receive
from our self.

It is the twilight zone between
past and future that is the
precarious world of transformation
within the chrysalis. Part of us
is looking back yearning for the
magic we have lost; part is
glad to say good-bye to our
chaotic past; part looks ahead
with whatever courage we can
muster; part is excited by
the changing potential; part sits
stone-still not daring to look
either way.
– Marion Woodman

As we are held firmly in the embrace of autumn, the challenge is holding the bounty and
freedom of the summer season.
Conserving what we have from summer is a goal. Are we able to retain the goodness of
summer, which includes the more relaxed and expanded selves we experience?
In the contrast of our restricted present, with the expansiveness of summer, we become
aware of our need to conserve on the levels of body, mind and soul.
Autumn signals a time of change, and in the Autumn of 2020, the change is sudden and
dramatic, heralding the transition period from our doing and outgoing flow of energy, to
seeking balance with the being and more restful energy.
Beginning 2020
We welcome to Anita Young and Jenny Schouten, who have made the commitment to be
Course Coordinators for Christchurch and Canterbury. We are blessed with a decision from
Jane, to remain in a Course Coordinator’s role for Dunedin and Nelson.
We also welcome Anna de Raadt and Janet Barry-Martin who have agreed to be Course
coordinators for Wellington and Kapiti Coast.
We also welcome a change in ‘status’ for some of our long serving and dedicated colleagues
and friends.
Gwyneth becomes an integral part of the team of Instructors, certified to instruct Unit 1.
Deb has advanced her instructing qualifications and is now certified to instruct Unit 3.

Annis has extended her instructing qualifications to include instructing Unit 4.
We offer heartfelt thanks for the willingness of them all, to further their instructing skills as
required by Healing Beyond Borders. This continues to increase the level of independence
and flexibility that Healing Touch NZ may have, in offering the full sequence of instruction
through to Practitioner, and Certified Practitioner level.
Healing Touch NZ – Covid 19 – March 19, 2020
In the light of recent developments of the Covid 19 virus,
Healing Touch NZ has made the decision to cancel all courses throughout the country until
September 1, 2020.
From September 1 we will reassess the situation.
Unit 5 Course scheduled for October/November 2020
Deb has been in contact with Dr Rosalie Van Aken and they will reassess the situation by
the end of April 2020 as to whether or not the Course will continue, or to push it out into
This decision will be communicated as soon as it is available, to all who have registered, or
who indicated that they intended to register.
May you continue to recognise the effort that you are making to be grounded and present
in the circumstances of our lives.
With love and light.
Ian Thurlow

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