An email from our Research Director, Sue Hess, got me to thinking. How can we as a Healing Touch community maintain social connection during this time of social distancing that is increasing stress and anxiety? And while it’s not perfect, I thought that maybe we could use the Internet.

So, several members of the Board of Directors have marked off recurring times on their calendars to gather with our members online using Zoom. These hours will include a meditation and time to connect and support each other. The sessions will start the week of March 23rd. Right now, we’ll be doing this through April 30th. If that changes, we’ll let you know.

Times listed below are Eastern U.S. times. You can convert the time using this website. To join a session, just click on the link at the appropriate time!

To join Gina Bondurant at 2:00pm on Tuesdays, click here.

To join Carol Schoenecker at 11:00am on Wednesday, click here.

To join Joel Anderson at 7:00pm on Wednesdays, click here.

To join Mary-Cathrine Campbell at 7:00am on Thursdays, click here.

To join Christine Stewart at 12:00pm on Thursdays, click here.

To join Lisa Anselme at 6:00pm on Thursdays, click here.

To join Deb Goldberg at 7:00am on Fridays, click here.

We hope that this community engagement will help keep our spirits up during this time.

In the meantime, my intention for us all is to have clean hands, clear heads, and open hearts.


Joel G. Anderson, PhD, CHTP, FGSA

President, Healing Beyond Borders

Healing Beyond Borders