Healing Touch New Zealand is pleased to offer this Listing of Practitioners.

The minimum requirement for being offered a listing in our directory is the successful completion of the Healing Touch Programme.

Practitioners in this listing who have HTIP after their name have completed the Healing Touch Programme and are Healing Touch Practitioners.

Practitioners who have CHTIP after their name are Certified Healing Touch Practitioners, having completed the Healing Touch Programme and applied successfully to the Healing Beyond Borders Certification Board.

Practitioners who have the letters CHTII are Certified Healing Touch Instructors.

Practitioners listed are all members of Healing Touch New Zealand.

Healing Touch Practitioners are responsible for their own practice and are encouraged to embrace the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by Healing Beyond Borders and supported by Healing Touch New Zealand Inc.


Berylla Jones



06 364 0356
021 047 2913

Annis Parker


07 543 0280
021 607 584

I am a N.Z. Registered Nurse and a Certified HT Practitioner and Instructor.
My background training was extensive in many specialities of nursing, in many countries of the World. This included disaster medicine.

I have a Healing Touch people practice, both in person and distance work.
I also teach the Healing Touch Curriculum to the level of Case Management & Professional Practice Course (Unit 4.)

I have a full Animal Practice which can also be in person or distance work.
All animals, birds and sea creatures are involved.
Working with game parks, zoo and rescue animals, as well as those who care for them
(Worldwide), is a passion for me. I also teach Animal workshops.

Leigh Clark


0274 975 002

Sharron Maree


228 Te Arei Road East, Huirangi, RD 3, New Plymouth 4373
0272 229 939

Janet Barry-Martin


Pukerua Bay
021 963 666


Dionne Norman


Tauranga, Western Bay of Plenty

027 663 6763

Kia ora,
I’m Dionne, a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, with a home-based practice overlooking
native bush and a boulder river in the Lower Kaimai, Tauranga. I’m also a Reiki Practitioner
and Reiki Teacher.
Healing Touch can help you, by reducing stress, improving anxiety and depression,
decreasing pain, enhancing recovery from surgery and supporting cancer care.
It’s a wonderful way of working energetically with you, to help integrate your physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, in a way that is safe, holistic and professional.
I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Danielle Mahoney


0274 312 210




Deb Carter


0276 016 800

Based in Christchurch, I have a full time clinical practice encompassing Healing Touch, Esoteric Healing, Massage and Sound work.  I have an educative arm, Instructing Healing Touch Level 1, 2 and soon to be Level 3, along with sharing the benefits of Healing Touch within the Secondary School Curriculum to Year 13 students and to the wider community.  My passion is to live with my own ‘Life Essentials’ – Song with harmony, heart balanced with wisdom, courage to walk my truth.

I am currently on HTNZ Committee working quietly with Promotion & Marketing and would be happy to continue.  Our Gathering conference of 2013 called “The Heart of Community – Holding the Light” provided a great springboard for this year. I believe it is time to call our community to action and create a community that has great connectivity and heart, with spaces where we can have time to share and heal and in turn generate that sense of connectivity out into wider society.

Karen O’Carroll


Amberley, North Canterbury
0274 080 997

I help adults and children understand mind and body wellbeing

I am an experienced Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in the field of Mind Body Health and Wellbeing. I spent five years in training, and 21 years in Practice, working with the energy of the human body.  My intention is to help people clear blockages to self-healing, mentally and physically, creating harmony and balance within.

I am a Mentor, I also offer Personal Growth guidance via a simple, common sense approach, helping people to achieve clarity and awareness about what may have grown to become, very complex, overwhelming issues.

Life is about relationships. I help adults and children become aware of their emotions, and how to break down those emotions and behaviours which limit them, and influence their relationships every day.

Helping people of all ages to demystify long held beliefs and concepts which have controlled their lives, and those they seek to control, can be transforming.



Wendy Risdon


Duvauchelle, Banks Peninsula
0276 224 061

I have a home clinic in Duvauchelle and offer Healing Touch and Relaxation Massage.
For 15 years I worked as a Practice Nurse at the University of Canterbury and ran a
very popular clinic for students with Stress related issues such as Anxiety and Depression.
Anxiety is very topical at the moment with school age children and I can recommend 
Healing Touch as a gentle non-invasive therapy which elicits a deep relaxation response.

Jane Carter


Beckenham, Christchurch
021 130 6563

Sharon Gardiner


03 352 5312

Vera Merrick


03 545 1358

Gwyneth Steenson


03 359 6728
0272 245 250

Christine Toner


Christchurch 8081
03 384 9167
0274 339 598

Erika Olsen


2A View Mount
Stoke, Nelson 7011
021 164 5000
03 5473222

Rose Mackinnon


021 159 6715

Jo-Anne Henderson


027 882 5796

Jo-Anne is UK trained in Occupational Therapy with over 25 years of working in many fields; predominantly in neurorehabilitation and traumatic brain injury. She also has experience working within acute medicine, vascular surgery, general surgery, respiratory, cardiology, renal, paediatrics and within social services and community rehabilitation. With a special interest in fatigue/personal energy management and the running of support and education groups, she branched out and trained in dance movement therapy with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Jo-Anne became a certified Healing Touch Practitioner in Jan 2019 and is a member of Healing Touch New Zealand and Healing Beyond Borders in the USA. Jo-Anne has recently moved to Nelson and is developing her practice in the region. Jo-Anne also operates a mobile service in that she can see people within their own homes if required and also practices distance healing. 


Ian Thurlow


Oxford, North Canterbury
027 682 9701



Belynda Wynn


Redcliffs, Christchurch



Wendy Cross


Rolleston, Christchurch
021 245 1235



Anita Young


Heathcote Valley, Christchurch
027 505 0677