Current Course Fees and Discounts

The course fees below as agreed by the HTNZ Inc committee, apply to all Healing Touch courses that are being taught from 01 April 2023 onwards


 Unit 1- Foundations of Healing Touch

Course fee                                                                                              $400.00

For Courses Level 2 through to Level 5 the payment scale options are outlined below:- 

Unit  2 – Energetic Patterning and Clinical Applications

Course fee                                                                                              $450.00

Member discount of $25.00                                                                    $425.00

Unit  3 – Advanced Healer Preparation

Course fee                                                                                              $500.00

Member discount of $25.00                                                                    $475.00


Unit 4 -Case management and Professional Practice

Course fee                                                                                               $600.00

Member discount of $25.00                                                                     $575.00



Unit  5 – Self Evaluation and Professional Development

Course fee                                                                                              $750.00

Member discount of $25.00                                                                    $725.00

We ask that payment be made 4 weeks prior to the class. Contact the class coordinator if this is not possible. We aim to have classes confirmed two weeks prior to the class. If we have to cancel for any reason we will refund in full any deposits. Fees do not include accommodation costs. We are not responsible for any costs incurred in lost bookings (airfares and accommodation) due to cancellation. All fees include a $50 non-refundable deposit.  All fees are in New Zealand dollars. There is no GST.



Membership For Units Two to Five – $25

Must be a Current Financial Member .

Student Discount – 10% discount

Must present Student ID.

Repeating a class – 50% discount