I am so glad I attended the weekend Level 1 class after intuition “told me“ to attend. The course will be pivotal to my ongoing going healing journey.

Questions were raised and answers provided in such a straight forward delivery. The instructor’s commitment was beyond my expectation.

I am so looking forward to putting into practise some of the techniques demonstrated. I look forward to attending the Level 2 course.


Good Evening Annis,

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my friend. He is like a different person today 🙂

Much more positive, and he even went for a walk this morning! Such a relief, I can tell you. You are just AMAZING 🙂

Grateful Carer

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend workshop. I feel excited about working with energy and exploring how deep it can influence an individual’s life.

You have taught me not to question, to just feel what is happening and go with the flow. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and wisdom.


Deb, I appreciated your extraordinary teaching skill, which simply “clicked” with my way of learning.

That, together with your kindness resulted in me relaxing and enjoying my learning from the course. I could feel my confidence and trust in myself grow as the course progressed.

I look forward to using what I have learned with my family and friends.


Healing Touch NZ has changed our lives. Our 4year old son was unhappy within himself and his bad behaviour was creating a horrible environment for the rest of the family.

After only two treatments he was a different child, calmer, able to make decisions and understand his emotions better. He had an amazing relationship with his healer and would refer to her as his best friend.

We will be forever grateful for the changes Healing Touch has made to our son and our whole family.

Carmen Mother of 4yr old Max

Mother’s comments: My son had Healing Touch treatments for anxiety, fear of the dark, and severe weather events such as earthquakes, thunder, wind, rain.

I love going for Healing Touch treatments because it’s calming and relaxing and because the lady is good to talk to. I always feel relaxed when I’ve been there.

Sam 13yrs

I have been having Healing Touch for four years. It has been the most successful form of natural healing for me and I will continue with the treatments which I have for Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Fibromyalgia. The results are instant, I feel stronger, calmer, more energized and able to cope with any situation that I’d otherwise find stressful.

I look forward to every treatment as it feels as good as a massage. I strongly recommend Healing Touch to anyone.

Lucy 43yrs

I have been having Healing Touch sessions over a number of years, I always feel balanced, connected and clear afterward. When a session begins I go into a deep state of relaxation, I see colours and different scenes, and my body sometimes moves or twitches indicating adjustments occurring within. Not always aware of where the practitioner is working, I often feel pressure or heat in different areas of my body.

Time goes extremely quick, thinking I have been there for 10 minutes but an hour has gone by. I come out of the session feeling all the blockages in my body have been cleared. I will continue with my treatments due to the skill and integrity of the practitioner and the results I get.

Toni 54yrs

I have been receiving Healing Touch since late 2005 at which time I was diagnosed with having fibroids. In February 2006 I had a hysterectomy at Southern Cross Hospital. I received Healing Touch a few days before surgery and then again once I was back in my room following the surgery. The next morning I felt very well and free of pain, so much so that I dressed early, sat in the arm chair in the sun and read the morning Press. I recall my anaesthetist coming into the room and then backing out in full apology thinking he had entered the wrong room. On his return he expressed surprise at how well I appeared. I went on to have a pain free recovery.

When requiring a hip revision in 2010 I asked the same Healing Touch Practitioner to repeat the before and after surgery healing and again I had a pain free recovery. I have had multiple hip surgeries and from my earlier experiences know very well the kind of pain that can accompany recovery. Being pain free from the outset also enabled me to better cope with the mental and emotional impacts of surgery.

I have had many healing sessions since those times and am now a student of Healing Touch.

Karen Wason