The Healing Touch training programme consists of 5 sequential courses in energy-based therapy, from beginning to advanced practice.

After completing the first course (Foundations of Healing Touch) a student can provide Healing Touch treatments for themselves and others. After completion of the final course (Self Evaluation and Professional Development course), students are eligible to apply for international certification.

The Healing Touch courses must all be completed in sequence.

The Healing Touch continuing education programme is designed for healthcare professionals, counsellors, body therapists and others interested in healing work.

Healing Touch New Zealand offers courses, support groups for students and trainee practitioners, and peer support for qualified practitioners. Courses are available year-round throughout New Zealand. Course fees are detailed at the bottom of this page.

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Practice Nights 


Course Description:

The theoretical concepts that underlie holistic healthcare practices are explored along with how these concepts relate to the core values which guide the practice of Healing Touch. Healing Touch techniques used in the etheric field are acquired along with an understanding of how these techniques interface with the human bio-field.

You will learn “Tools” to help yourself and others.

Course Objectives:

The learner will be able to:

  1. Explore qualities and self-care needs of a Healing Touch Practitioner.
  2. Discuss the facets of Healing Touch and correlate techniques that support physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual healing.
  3. Demonstrate Healing Presence: the ability to remain grounded, present, and heart-centered.
  4. Describe personal perceptions of subtle energy/heart-centeredness.
  5. Apply the Healing Touch Framework to a variety of energy interventions.
  6. Evaluate the seven energy centers (chakras) and related energy layers that surround the body.
  7. Describe rationale with use of specific Healing Touch techniques.
  8. Discuss the Healing Beyond Borders Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice required of a beginning Healing Touch student.



Prerequisite: Successful completion of Foundations of Healing Touch course

Course Description:

The skill of completing an intake interview that identifies patterns of behaviors for which Healing Touch techniques may be useful in assisting a patient to repattern their energy field is acquired.

Healing Touch techniques learned in the foundation course are integrated into applications that assist in re- patterning spinal health.

The appreciation of Healing Touch progresses to a deeper level with the acquisition of a technique to assist the patient in expanding their heart energy.

Course Objectives:

The learner will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to remain grounded, present, and heartcentered while working in the energy field.
  2. Conduct an intake interview with a plan toward intervention.
  3. Recognise that previous experiences may have an impact on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
  4. Assess the status of the chakras and biofield.
  5. Document the process of re-patterning and balancing a patient’s biofield.
  6. Apply techniques that support the health and comfort of the back.
  7. Describe how the Healing Beyond Borders Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice relates to their developing as a Healing Touch practitioner.



Prerequisite: Successful completion of Energetic Patterning and Clinical Applications course

Course Description:

Methods of raising one’s energetic vibration are acquired that facilitate the student’s application of techniques that can be utilised with upper layers of the biofield.

Course Objectives:

  1. The learner will be able to:
  2. Elevate the personal energy vibration to support upper level work.
  3. Apply clearing, balancing, and energising techniques to the upper energetic layers.
  4. Deliver in-depth techniques to support spinal health.
  5. Practice an Advanced Healing Session.
  6. Identify how the Healing Beyond Borders Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice required of an advancing Healing Touch practitioner relates to their practice.



Prerequisite: Successful completion of Advanced Healer Preparation course

Course Description:

To align with the responsibilities of professional practice, this course is a practicum in which case management is implemented and multiple Healing Touch sessions are delivered over a period of time.

Course Objectives:

The learner will be able to:

  1. Apply a meditation (Etheric Vitality) to clear and raise the personal energetic vibration.
  2. Create sequential Healing Touch sessions appropriate to a patient’s presentation.
  3. Explore a variety of methods for practicing Healing Touch.
  4. Work with other health care providers in a professional manner.
  5. Describe the practicum process.
  6. Identify how the Healing Beyond Borders Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice required of an advanced Healing Touch practitioner correlates to issues in their practice.



Prerequisite: Successful completion of Case Management and Professional Practice course

Course Description:

Completed mentorship activities are reviewed and evaluated to assist the students in identifying activities that can help them to grow in their professional practitioner role.

Course Objectives:

The learner will be able to:

  1. Analyse personal strengths, challenges and growth opportunities related to the practitioner role.
  2. Evolve in the role from Healing Touch Student to Practitioner.
  3. Review homework for course completion for increased depth of the practice.
  4. Share specific practicum learning to enhance personal and professional growth.
  5. Collaborate in the review of clinical case studies.
  6. Correlate research studies to case situations and choices of treatment.
  7. Present clinical cases to groups of professional care providers.
  8. Demonstrate ability to deliver a Healing Touch session as part of a group.
  9. Incorporate in their professional practice the Healing Beyond Borders Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice required of a Healing Touch practitioner.


Certification Process

Once a student has completed all five courses, including the growth work set in the Case Management and Professional Practice Course Syllabus, they may apply for Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Beyond Borders Inc.

This process entails submitting written material responding to the criteria laid out in the HBB Practitioner Certification Packet. The areas to be addressed are: course work, modalities received, mentorship process, educational material, case study, specific Healing Touch Interventions and a self study.

The applications are received twice a year and assessed by the Healing Beyond Borders Certification Board.

The Healing Touch programme is firmly established as a highly ethical, credible programme and can withstand the scrutiny being applied to complementary healing practices by the medical establishment.

This programme produces highly skilled practitioners who undergo a comprehensive course of study to complete the practitioner level. Those who complete certification have “gone the extra mile” to measure up to an International Standard of Credentialling and Code of Ethics.

Instructor Process

This is the instructor level for the Certified Healing Touch Practitioner to learn to teach Healing Touch. The emphasis is on group dynamics, setting up programmes, principles and methods of teaching and learning. All instructors meet annually to advance skills, network and develop activities in the work of Healing Touch.

All instructors are required to become a Certified Healing Touch Instructor by Healing Beyond Borders, in order to teach the official programme of Healing Touch.

Cancellation of course:

We aim to have classes confirmed two weeks prior to the class. If we have to cancel for any reason we will refund in full any deposits. Fees do not include accommodation costs. We are not responsible for any costs incurred in lost bookings (airfares and accommodation) due to cancellation.

All fees include a $50 non-refundable deposit. All fees are in New Zealand dollars. There is no GST.

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