Covid 19 Alert Levels for courses

Healing Touch NZ Inc. Courses will be held at Covid 19 Alert Level 1, or lower. Ian Thurlow Healing Touch NZ Chairperson 16th February 2021    

The position of Healing Touch NZ with regard to Covid 19

The position of Healing Touch NZ with regard to Covid 19 is as follows:-   Follow the guidelines, advice and instructions provided by the Ministry of Health. Once you are doing that, you then make your own best decisions based on your particular circumstances, and the...

Membership Subscriptions gratefully accepted

For anyone still wishing to pay membership this year. Membership payments can be paid directly into our bank account: 02 0655 0034746 000 Please use your surname as a reference on your payment.

Connections 2 – A message from our Chairperson

Healing Touch NZ, April 2020 CONNECTIONS 2 Greetings to You All The everyday life of us all, within the family of Healing Touch, and within the world as a whole, has been disrupted to the point where many of us can say that the life we have known has stopped. At this...

Bee Analogy for COVID 19

In his book Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive, Mark Winston shares ten lessons from bees that may be useful as we navigate the weeks ahead. Use teamwork Bees are flexible and adaptable. In that spirit, the Healing Beyond Borders office will be telecommuting until...

HBB – Staying Connected during Social Distancing

An email from our Research Director, Sue Hess, got me to thinking. How can we as a Healing Touch community maintain social connection during this time of social distancing that is increasing stress and anxiety? And while it's not perfect, I thought that maybe we could...

Covid – 19

Healing Touch NZ Protocol – Covid 19 – March 19, 2020 Kia ora Kotou In the light of recent developments of the Covid 19 virus, Healing Touch New Zealand has made the decision to cancel all courses throughout the country until September 1. From September 1 we will...

Join Our Facebook Discussion Page

Members can apply to join our closed Facebook Page  Healing Touch New Zealand Discussion Group Here various topics are introduced by members.  Link  

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